Direct In-Home ABA Services

Direct In-Home ABA Therapy Services

The therapeutic process begins with an in-home assessment, where our analyst can engage with and observe the client in a setting where they are most comfortable.  An individualized treatment plan is then designed to address the child’s specific needs and be implemented in the home setting. Because the providers at Blossom Behavioral Services maintain focus on socially significant treatment outcomes, selecting behavioral targets is a collaborative process between the analyst, the family, and the client.  Our analysts use their own clinical experience, expertise, and available research literature in tandem with the family’s values to implement effective, evidence-based practices that allow the client to achieve their goals.

Parent/Caregiver & Homeschool Support Services

The analysts at Blossom provide parent training and support according to your family’s priorities.  Caregivers learn and demonstrate the ability to implement relevant behavioral interventions by meeting objective, measurable criteria.  Our analysts strive to meet the needs of each family we work with by creating practical protocols that can be implemented within the client’s existing daily routine.  Parents and caregivers are regularly provided with data regarding treatment effectiveness in order to ensure the learner’s progress continues to align with the family’s desired outcomes.  Distance and in-person support options are available to fit your family’s unique needs.

Parent Training Service
Interdisciplinary Consultation Services

Interdisciplinary Consultation Services

At Blossom we understand that ABA is often only one piece of a multi-faceted approach to the client’s overall treatment.  Our clients often participate in multiple therapeutic and academic activities, and we encourage a dialogue across settings regarding the client’s progress.  If a client’s team of family members, caregivers, and professionals deem it necessary, the analyst assigned to that team may be available to provide collaborative support to another professional.  Need for these services is assessed on a case by case basis and individualized to the specific situation.

Mentorship & Supervision

Select Board Certified Behavior Analysts at Blossom are available to provide supervised fieldwork experience to students, Assistant Behavior Analysts and technicians upon request.  For individuals who are already certified, we offer mentorship with another experienced clinician.  If you are interested in receiving supervision, please use the “Contact Us” form to submit your inquiry.  To book a mentorship appointment use the button below. 

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Supervision Services
Community Outreach Services

Community Outreach

Dissemination of Applied Behavior Analysis is a priority for the leadership team at Blossom Behavioral.  Our analysts are available for informal meetings or to provide formal training on autism and the science of human behavior to individuals, community organizations, businesses, or other professionals.  To submit a request for training, please use the “Contact Us” form and provide your name and contact information, the organization you represent (if applicable), and the training topics that are most important for your audience.