The Blossom Mission Statement

The providers at Blossom Behavioral Services are committed to applying the science of behavior to facilitate meaningful change that improves the quality of life of the individuals we serve and their families.

Our History

Katie and Emily worked together closely for 5 years before founding Blossom Behavioral Services in 2018. We wanted to guarantee our clientele access to high-quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  At Blossom, ethics, quality, and a learner focus are our top priorities. Awareness of the unique needs of autism informs our approach to service provision, with an emphasis on creating a safe, nurturing learning environment.  Our providers rely on objective measurement, data, and scientific research to inform treatment decisions.  To ensure our clients are benefiting from the best available interventions, professional development is an ongoing priority at Blossom. We take pride in standing behind our providers and giving them the tools they need.  The safety, comfort, and progress of our learners is always at the forefront of our minds.  We work with our families, other providers, and the broader community to support autistic folks in our region.  Blossom provides services throughout the Peninsula of Hampton Roads, from Williamsburg to Hampton.